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Repair Considerations For Fiberglass Pools

18 December


While you may only have become familiar with fiberglass pools recently, they have been available for approximately 50 years. In recent times, they have become popular with homeowners because they look spectacular, are relatively easy to install and hold up well over the course of time.

However, there are also some repair issues specific to fiberglass pools which have the potential to be problematic. As well as problems arising due to the material used, other issues are apparent because fiberglass shells are shipped intact from the factory and are not designed for onsite repairs or renovations. Below, we look at some common repairs associated with fiberglass pools.


As the fiberglass shells are kept intact when shipped to their new home, it is necessary to add a backfill to keep the shells in place. Sand is normally used but this material can play havoc with plumbing. If the sand around the pipes is not properly compacted, it will settle which causes pressure on pipes and eventually leads to leaks.

Bulging Walls

The majority of in-ground pools are carved from the earth before vinyl or concrete is added to create a surface capable of holding water. The aforementioned sand backfill can cause issues here too; when sand is saturated by water, it may become liquefied and this leads to immense pressure being placed on the walls of the pool. If the fiberglass shell is not strong enough to withstand this pressure, unsightly bulges can form in the wall.

Spider Cracks

These cracks are a known and accepted part of all fiberglass products. They are hairline cracks that appear in the surface layer, also known as the ‘gel coat’, of fiberglass. On the plus side, these cracks are not structural because they only affect the thin layer of gel coat and don’t extend into the structural layers of the pool.

The reason they are called ‘spider cracks’ is because they originate in a center point and branch out like the spokes of a wheel so the result looks a lot like a spider’s web. While these cracks don’t cause any real issues, they look horrible and when you have spent thousands of dollars on a fiberglass pool, you expect it to look good!

Shell Repair

The biggest issue with fiberglass pools is that they are not designed with renovation or repair in mind. The majority of swimming pools will not need any form of repair for decades but if you are unlucky and an issue arises with the surface of your fiberglass pool, you will find it very difficult to find a patch that is a close match to the surface of the pool.


These are the main fiberglass pool problems though there are others. However, you should not be put off a fiberglass pool because it has many advantages too. For more information regarding fiberglass pools, contact the experts at Sparkle Pools today.

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