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If your swimming pool resembles a swamp more than a backyard oasis, it is high time that you contact the leading pool maintenance company in Chandler, Sparkle Pools, to perform an acid wash and give your pool a cleaner and more inviting appearance. Acid washing is also sometimes known as ‘drain and clean’ and it is often necessary when the process of winterizing the pool has not been performed correctly.

Acid Washing Pool Company in Chandler, Arizona

When a pool is left unused for a period of time without the proper precautions being taken, algae can take over and give your pool an unpleasant green appearance. Acid washing works by stripping off the top layer of stained plaster to reveal a new and fresh layer underneath. Generally speaking, specialist equipment is required, which is why it is necessary for the majority of pool owners to hire a professional pool service company.

3 Things to Watch For:

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Avoid working with pool service firms that rush the job.
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Be wary of the noxious fumes that emanate from the acid.
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Hiring non-reputable pool companies and amateurs.

The Need for Acid Washing

A Warning: The acid used is an extremely dangerous substance, which is why the staff of reputable pool cleaning companies are well trained in the application of it and wear the right protective clothing and breathing apparatuses that must be used in the process. Professional pool cleaning companies also know that neutralizing the acid/water waste with soda ash before it gets pumped to a safe location helps to protect the environment.

The Process

If you want your swimming pool to benefit from acid washing, it must first be drained and cleared of any debris. It may be necessary to wash down the sides of the pool and give them a good scrubbing to remove large build-ups of algae. Only when the swimming pool is completely empty can you begin acid washing. If you decide on the DIY route, be sure to put on protective clothing, a breathing mask, goggles, and rubber boots.

A large container is used to mix equal parts of acid with water. For safety concerns, it’s important that the acid is added to the water and not the other way around. Your pool professional then uses a hose to wet the walls of the pool; keeping the water flowing at all times without having a nozzle on it. From there the mix is carefully poured on the walls, starting from the top so to flow to the bottom; concentrating on one section at a time. As acid is an extremely powerful substance, it shouldn’t be left it on the surface for more than 30 seconds. Finally, a scrub of the surfaces using a special acid washing brush and a quick rinse afterwards is the key to a bright and shiny new-looking surface.

If your pool pro fails to properly rinse after the acid wash, the substance will continue to wear down the surface and create a worn strip on the pool’s walls. Depending on how bad your pool is or how clean you want your pool to be, it may be necessary to have a second acid wash performed. If doing this task yourself, avoid using higher levels of acid in the mixture, as this makes for a less safe environment and won’t significantly aid in the cleaning process.

At the end of the acid wash, there will be a puddle of acidic water on the ground and it must be neutralized with approximately two pounds (900 grams) of soda ash per gallon of acid used. One must be careful of where the waste water is pumped, as it could kill plant and animal life; even if properly neutralized.

If all of the above sounds a little bit dangerous, contact a professional pool cleaning company who will quickly and effectively acid wash your pool and have your family enjoying some fun in the sun this summer!

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