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One of the main reasons that green algae reoccurs in a swimming pool is because it was not completely eradicated when initially treated. It is also a fact that poor water circulation can prevent the pool chemicals used for a green clean from reaching all the areas that are infected. Once you decide to treat a swimming pool for algae, it is imperative that every part of the swimming pool receives a dose of algaecide or the likelihood of it returning is greatly increased.

Chlorine Shock for Pools & Spas in Chandler, Arizona

It is important to note that there are many algae types that exist outside of the pool and can infest the water once again when it comes into contact. For example, mustard algae with its nasty yellow hue can survive outside the water for a considerable period of time after your green clean treatment. When you have algae treated, ensure that your cleaning equipment is submerged in the pool overnight to kill any algae that may exist on it. Fail to take this measure and the next time you skim for leaves or vacuum, you may inadvertently re-infest the pool with algae spores.

Future Prevention of Green Algae in Your Pool:

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Seek to improve your pool’s water circulation.
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Identify dead spots and clean them more thoroughly/regularly.
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Run your vacuum system more frequently.
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Swim more to keep the water circulating.
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Clean algae contaminated pool equipment before using.

Using Algaecide to Treat Green Pool Water

When using algaecides during a green clean, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter or the result may be failing to eliminate the hidden algae in the pool. Once your pool technician has used the initial dose, it should be followed it up with another dose to prevent the algae from making a comeback. It is important to note that different types of algaecide may be necessary for killing specific forms of algae, but not to worry, your Sparkle Pools’ professional will know exactly how to treat your pool’s algae problem!

Preventing Algae & Bacteria Build-up in Pools

Poor water circulation could result in green algae appearing over and over in the same locations. In most swimming pools, the water that re-enters the pool from the filter system is directed towards the surface. The reason for this is to make it easier to collect debris and it also gives off a nice motion effect.

The downside of this practice is that it can create ‘dead spots’ in the pool. These dead areas are where little or no water is circulating and the result is that algaecide doesn’t reach these spots. Naturally, this means algae can thrive in dead spots and it can be difficult to completely remove it from the pool.

One way to prevent this from happening is to have the water redirected when re-entering and point it more sideways or downwards. An experienced pool technician will do this by adjusting the water until an appropriate setting is made. It may also be necessary to run the filtration system more often to improve water circulation. When it comes to treating existing green algae, your filter should remain running all day, and maybe the next, until the offending algae is gone for good.

You could also run your automatic vacuum in order to improve circulation, because bringing clean, chemically treated water to every part of your swimming pool can only help eliminate your algae problem. Most experts believe that running your cleaning system just once a week can make a massive difference when it comes to preventing green algae from appearing.

Finally, use your swimming pool, as swimmers move the water around. After all, isn’t swimming the whole point of owning a pool in the first place?

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