Pool & Spa Electrical Component Repair in Chandler


The fact that water and electricity don’t mix is one of the more well-known universal truths. When it comes to issues with the electrical components of your swimming pool, it is best to err on the side of caution and allow professionals to handle any problems. If you leave electrical faults untreated, they could lead to major issues and prevent you from deriving maximum enjoyment from your pool. Below, we look at some common issues and fixes regarding your swimming pool’s electrical components.

Pool Light

Find out the size of the light required and shut off all electricity in the swimming pool area. For safety reasons, use a circuit breaker to be 100 percent sure. If you are lucky, your light will only have a single screw, which can be quickly removed. Take off the light fixture and unscrew the bulb using a towel.

Screw on the working bulb, and replace the light fixture. Put the light underwater and check for leaks. The outer edges should be sealed, which means a few bubbles but no water coming from them. You will need another person to check that the light is working when switching the electricity back on.

Pump Motor

Common issues include the motor not working or making a loud noise while running. To change the motor, switch off the circuit breaker to shut off the power, and remove the motor mounting bracket from the strainer housing. You may need to replace the gasket and disconnect the copper wire if it is connected to the outside of the motor. Disconnect the lead wires (the wires that are not green) and conduit, and remove the impeller. Perform this procedure in reverse to install the new motor.


Check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. If not, look at the impeller and skimmer basket, as debris could cause a blockage to the pool’s airflow. If there is no debris, check the strainer lid to see if it is securely in place, and analyze the o-ring. If there is still no issue, one of the air lines might have a leak.

Having a problem with one of your pool’s electrical components is no laughing matter. Diagnosing and repairing the problem is likely to be frustrating, and it could also be dangerous if you have no experience dealing with electrical systems. It is always best to get in touch with our expert pool repair team.