Swimming Pool Filtration System Repair in Chandler


Even the most conscientious pool owner will eventually see dirt and debris accumulate in his pool. A swimming pool filtration system is designed to keep your water clean by pumping it through a barrier that traps particles and ensures only clean water goes back into your pool.

A filtration system will cycle its water several times a day, so you need a reliable system. The three main types of filters are sand, diatomaceous earth (D.E.), and cartridge filters. For the purposes of this article, we outline the installation of a cartridge filter.

The Process

You need the PVC components, adaptors, etc., that your specific system requires before getting started. You also have to purchase a replacement filter, and these can cost up to $400 depending on where you look. When it comes to filters, branding is extremely important, so you must only choose a trusted filter provider.

Ensure the pool pump has been switched off, and cut the old pipe away with a saw. You will also need to disconnect the oil furnace water heater if you have one. There will probably be some water in the system, so allow it to drain, and leave some space for the new system. Remove the old filter once the piping has been cut at the appropriate points.

When putting in the new filter, make sure to check the input and return line positions. Cut the PVC tubing, and try to put it together without the use of glue. Patience will be required here, as small adjustments may be necessary for a good fit. After securing the right fit, start priming and cementing. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how long the cement needs to cure for. Once it has cured, fire up the pump and pressure test.

Potential Issues

The above is a fairly simplistic overview of installing a cartridge filter. Installing a sand filter is even more complicated and could involve dozens of steps. An incorrectly installed filter will allow dirt to pollute your water, and this will lead to the growth of algae. The result will be cloudy water that looks unpleasant and is unsuitable for swimming in.

Instead of spending a long time trying to choose the right filter for your pool and installing it, allow a professional team to do all the hard work for you. At Sparkle Pools, we have installed hundreds of filters for pool owners in Arizona, and this has allowed them to enjoy clean water and safe swimming.