Swimming Pool & Spa Heater Unit Repair in Chandler


There are a multitude of ways to heat your pool water, and despite the warm Arizona climate, you still need the water temperature to be at a comfortable level for optimal enjoyment. Your heater unit options include heat pumps, solar panels, and gas heaters. In this article, we look at the process of installing a heat pump.

The Process

You should seriously consider an eco-friendly heat pump because older models can use a large amount of electricity. If you live in an area where electricity is expensive, you could receive an unwelcome energy bill. A heat pump works a bit like a refrigerator in reverse, as it draws heat from the air and transfers it into the energy that heats your pool’s water.

Find a suitable location for your heat pump where it is able to get a good flow of air. It should be installed outdoors in an area where the air being expelled will not rebound off obstacles and get recirculated back into the heat pump.

Your pump should state the required flow rate because an excessively low flow rate will cause the water in the pump to overheat and ensure the pump switches off. Make sure the base for the pump is level; a concrete base is recommended. The electrical supply needs to be strong enough to support the startup and running currents for the heat pump.

Adding a heat pump to an existing pool pipework system is tough work and should not be carried out by someone unfamiliar with the task. If you have a large pool, it is possible to run two or more heat pumps together, but again, this is a complicated process that should be carried out by a professional.

While you should install the pump outdoors whenever possible, you can also install certain models inside the pump house. You can purchase ducting kits to vent the expelled air out through the pump house wall.

Potential Issues

The possible problems that can arise from the installation of a heat pump are too numerous to mention. For example, incorrect installation could cause the air to recirculate back to the pump, thus rendering it useless. It is best to contact our qualified technicians. The Sparkle Pools team can help choose the right heat pump for your pool before installing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We install heat pumps throughout many locations in Arizona.