Kool Deck Pool Decking Install & Repair in Chandler


Kool Deck is a topping for patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas that are subject to a lot of foot traffic. It was developed in 1962 and has proven to be a phenomenally popular alternative to acrylic concrete products. This is especially the case for families with swimming pools in the heat of Arizona.

Kool Deck can lower the surface temperature of your pool deck by up to 20 degrees, which allows you to walk comfortably on the surface during the summer. It is also much easier to clean and withstands thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete.

The Installation Process

You first need to determine the amount of Kool Deck that is required for the job. It is sold in units, with each unit covering 300 square feet. Installation begins when you can walk on the deck without leaving footprints. Add approximately 10 gallons of marble sand into a cement mixer, and then add up to a gallon of water until you dampen the sand sufficiently.

Add in a unit of Kool Deck, and stir for a couple of minutes. You will need to add another four gallons of water, along with approximately 90 pounds of cement. Keep mixing, and add more water until the Kool Deck mixture appears milky. Empty this mix into a five-gallon bucket, and dip in a brush and shake the loaded brush around the surface until the entire pool deck has been coated. Allow this coat to dry, and apply a second Kool Deck coating using the same technique as the first.

Use a trowel to level the surface of the Kool Deck and smooth off any pointed areas. You may need to use up to three coats of the decking before the process is completed. Stay off the surface until it finishes curing. This could take as long as three weeks, depending on humidity and temperatures.

Potential Issues

Kool Deck is much harder to install than acrylic, and you will need a number of tools, such as a cement mixer, to complete the task. At least one assistant will be required to help you mix the Kool Deck while you spread it, and failure to do this could render the mixture useless, which is a costly error. You also have to make sure the finished coating is no more than 1/8 inch thick.

Typically, pool owners elect to use professionals from reputable companies; with Sparkle Pools, they know the end result will be a perfect Kool Deck surface the whole family can enjoy even in the hottest Arizona summer.