Pool Pump & Manifold Repair in Chandler


Your swimming pool is a complicated structure, and when a problem arises, there can be dozens of reasons. The issue may be due to the pool pump or filter, and when it is the latter, it could well be the manifold that is causing your pool to function ineffectively. Below, we quickly look at common filter and pump problems.

Common Filter Problems

A regular problem with pool filters is that when something goes wrong, they can recirculate dirt back into the pool. One issue could be with the backwash valve; if it needs pulling, your plunger may be responsible and will have to be replaced.

If your pool is losing water, it could be an issue with the backwash valve or bottom ring, which causes water to leak out of the drain. Look for tiny cuts or cracks in these rings; if it’s the top ring, spray with silicone-based grease.

The manifold is an assembly that keeps several parts together; it is a pipe fitting with numerous lateral outlets for connecting other lines. A filter manifold may develop leaks, or valves may need to be replaced. Diagnose the leak source and repair equipment fittings. In some cases, you may need to repair a cracked manifold.

Common Pump Problems

One of the biggest issues with pool pumps is leaking water. The causes for this can include a bad impeller housing o-ring, bad thread sealant, or bad shaft seal. For seal or o-ring problems, look for a Go Kit to make the repairs.

If the pump is making a loud noise, you need to listen closely. If the noise sounds as if there are rocks inside the pump, the issue could be cavitation, which means the pump impeller is spinning with a lack of water.

If the pump is making a screaming noise, the pump may require new bearings. These help to reduce friction and are a high-wear-and-tear item. The bearings are relatively cheap to purchase, but installing them is hard work.

Hire a Professional

It is all too easy to think you know what the problem with your pool’s pump or filter is, but in reality, it could be any one of a number of things. You could try your luck and hope to find a solution, but a better option is to hire the professional team of experts at Sparkle Pools. We have vast experience in pool repair, and by quickly finding and diagnosing the problem, we can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration!