Pool Tile Work Install & Repair in Chandler


Lining a swimming pool with tiles can provide a fantastic finish. Swimming pool tiles are extremely durable and can also provide an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch. It is much easier to clean a tiled pool than one with cement, and tiles also require less maintenance.

Glass mosaic tiles are one of the most popular choices because they offer a wider range of color choices and can even provide stunning visual effects, such as gold, pearl, and crystal — looks that are not available when using ceramic tiles.

The Process

Once you have chosen your tiles, it’s time to get to work, so turn off all the electricity that goes to pool items, such as the heater, light, or filter before draining the pool. A sudden loss of water could damage the equipment if it was still receiving an electric current. A submersible pump is ideal for draining the pool, but you must check your local area’s rules on draining swimming pool water.

Use a small chisel to remove the old tile from the wall, if necessary. Hard-to-remove tiles can be dealt with by using a chipping hammer. Place the tip of the hammer beneath a loose part of a stuck tile, and pry it free with care. If you are too rough, you will leave big gouges in the plaster.

Use a trowel to smooth the surface with plaster, and be sure to fill in every hole. Apply white thinset to attach the tiles, and use corner and edge trowels to smooth them over. Use the white thinset to affix the grout when the tiles are firmly set into the surface. Grouting needs to be done at least 24 hours after fixing the tiles, and you should not use the pool for up to 10 days afterwards.

Potential Issues

The tile adhesive needs to have strong bonding and flexibility, and it must be water-resistant enough to ensure good adhesion. Remember, tiles that are permanently immersed in water are subjected to water pressure when the pool is full and counter pressure whenever the pool is empty. Additionally, the durability of the tile grout will be affected by the chlorine in the pool and the use of detergents, so you must choose the right grout if you want a long-lasting swimming pool.

Instead of worrying about picking the right tile adhesive and grout, choose the pool experts at Sparkle Pools to handle it for you.