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Swimming Pool Remodel Trends for 2015

30 January

Swimming pools are seen as the ultimate backyard accessory, and for Arizona residents, nothing beats a refreshing swim on a typically sweltering summer’s day. As the swimming pool season usually begins in the late spring or early summer months, January is a great time to pick your design and have your pool built or remodeled in time for family swims. But before you start your overhaul, take a look at some of the hottest pool remodel trends of 2015 to ensure your new swimming pool is the most stylish in the neighborhood.

The Natural Look

“Natural” swimming pools are designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape and often resemble a pond or old-fashioned swimming hole. You can achieve the natural look by using a lot of greenery, sandstone, and other rocks. For a genuinely natural pool, it is necessary to rely on the surrounding flora to clear the pool, as opposed to chlorine. While these pools are cheaper to run and are environmentally friendly, they are unsuitable for properties with a more modern landscape.

Water Features

Modern pool designs call for water features, and this is set to become even more apparent in 2015 as pool owners look for advanced decorations, such as fountain bubblers, water sconces, and grottos behind waterfalls. Other exciting features of this nature include spraying jets, LED lighting, and sheer water walls as pools become seen more as an entertainment and leisure center than merely a place to relax.

Glass Tiles

This may well be the Number 1 new pool design trend for 2015 because it provides your backyard with a sensational iridescent look. You can even use glass tiles to line the entire inside of the pool for a luxury effect. Glass tiles are more durable than porcelain and ceramic, and while they are also more expensive, you’ll soon see the extra cost is well worth it. However, glass tiles can be slippery, so they should not be used on walking surfaces.

LED Lighting

Once upon a time, incandescent lighting was the king of pool lighting, but it is set to be replaced by LED lighting, and this latter option is available in more than a dozen colors. Adding LED light accents to stairs and water features is a great way to increase the number of times you use your pool in the evening, and this form of lighting also has tremendous energy-saving properties.

Natural Decking

An increasing number of pool owners are remodeling their pool surroundings by installing natural stone decking, such as travertine, flagstone, or limestone. As well as looking incredible and being extremely durable, these surfaces have a natural slip resistance while also offering excellent drainage. Wood decking is also enjoying a renaissance, as cedar, teak, and redwood weather extremely well, though they still must be treated with water-resistant sealers to stop rotting and warping.

Each of the above remodeling ideas shouldn’t take too long to implement, with the possible exception of glass tiling. However, they are effective ways to increase the enjoyment you and your loved ones derive from your swimming pool. So start considering one today, and give Sparkle Pools a call when you’re ready to get started on your Chandler swimming pool remodeling job.

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